Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Did you know Sakura trees were made by men 400 years ago just for the sake of cherry-blossom viewing?

"It's not just compliments and nice words that takes you higher,
it's also the harsh words and cold treatment that drives you further-"

Blogging from my tiny, bare room on a cold, rainy day-
久しぶり「Long time no see-」

Although it's already the 4th month of the new year, it's the first post of the year for this blog.

I arrived in Tokyo almost two weeks ago with nothing much but a heavy suitcase full of my unnecessary belongings- which I later found out, didn't have any warm jackets. (Apparently I underestimated the Spring weather here.)

I am writing this post today because a few days ago, i received a message from a girl whose dream was to go to Japan but unfortunately, for her- she felt it was a bit too late.
Reading her message kind of overwhelmed me because I remember, being just like her-
Wanting to go to Japan and experience what it's like to live there. [I blame animes and mangas for creating such a beautiful society my younger self could only visit in my dreams occasionally- heh].

Well, the real thing does live up to my younger self's expectation though.

My wanting to go to Japan wasn't just an idea that sprouted a month or week ago.
Years and years of dreaming and hoping did most of the trick.
Promising my younger self, that one day we would be there-
sitting in the train, walking under the rain- carrying transparent umbrellas and sitting under cherry blossom trees.

Yes, at one time-
It became an impossible dream.
I remember apologizing to my younger self that I had let her down, that I couldn't fulfill our promise.

However, now that I think about it.
Those days where it felt impossible, those thoughts that made me give up many times were nothing more than just a trial that makes the result even more sweeter.
As lazy as I am, I know for sure if you have a dream, you have to work for it.
No dreams are impossible because if it was, you wouldn't dream of it in the first place.

*Inhales deeply
Well, now that I am standing here, let me take this opportunity to thank those people who always motivated me to work for it and even during the times I gave up, they waited for me to get back.
My friends, especially from QELC, uncles and aunts in Bhutan, my Japanese senseis, family and of course my stubborn dad who eventually gave in. [Muhahaha- you have yourself to blame for giving me a stubborn personality-]

Those who have been with me since I developed an interest in Japan, you have probably witnessed the crazy things I did for this dream of mine. Thank you for being patient and I promise to take in as much experience as I can during my stay here in Japan and every time, things become hard- I will remember all the words of encouragement.

And of course, before I forget,
yes, it was the people who encouraged me that helped me stand here today but I also have to thank those mean people (oh no, I haven't forgotten you adorable munchkins). People who criticized my dreams and gave me those icy cold shoulders because I was a 'nobody'. Well, two words for you lads as well.
'Thank you,'
For pissing me off so much- it made me work twice as hard to achieve this dream.

Okay before I digress any further- which I already have.
Wear your dreams on your sleeves proudly, announce it to the world but never throw it away completely just because you 'feel' that you can't do it.
It's never too late.
Sometimes, all you have to do is really listen to those corny and cheesy lines from books and movies and actually apply it to your life. (Not the dramatic ones though, please!.There is more to life than romance and unrequited love).

However, if you want to experience the Japanese life, I would suggest you don't only just watch anime and read manga but also start to appreciate the different aspects of the Japanese culture. [*Enters harsh truth]: Yes, we all started from anime and manga but if you re planning to live in japan with just a manga in one hand and a figurine in another- i suggest you rethink your plan because you'll probably get a culture shock from realizing not all Japanese speak your anime lingo.

And remember, the hardest part of living in Japan isn't the language, the train system or the food-
it's the garbage sorting.

Oh, and here! Seeing a dirigible for the first time in real life.

Nothing is impossible unless you are an alien- or a frog, because frogs scares me.


Gummy Sonam
hailing from Hanakoganei

Monday, 11 November 2013

Signs from Above?

Dreams, Signs, Messages-

You know how people over the centuries have received messages and signs in their dreams from the heavens above so they sought out to deliver those messages however only to end up either being killed or only accepted during their last breath?

Well, my friends. I am happy to announce that I have been chosen by my great one to connect the signs.

Yes, Last night I had a dream.
A dream about ONE OK ROCK.
[Image from google]

A dream-so vivid; Pulling other girls' extension to fight for the front row, speaking German(which I am pretty sure was dzongkha). I was pulled up on stage and I started singing ENKA with Ryota. As I shook Taka's hand in a stadium, I kept telling myself to not wake up.
That it would all end.

But then BAM!

11:00a.m (At an unusual early hour) I woke up.
I grabbed my phone from my side table and swiped it open.

All of a sudden  I see a Facebook message from my friend, linking me to a page holding a contest for ONE OK ROCK'S meet and greet in Singapore.
Yes, and while I was busy typing, my brother(OUT OF NOOOOOWHERE) whatsapped me an image of the the contest.
My body became a ball of goosebumps.
I rolled out of bed but only after checking underneath my pillow to make sure Taka's autograph didn't come sucking out of my dream.

There was nothing.

However, my conclusion is
It's ONE OK ROCK sending me signs!!!!!!

The Contest being: Taking picture with a sign saying why we love One Ok Rock.(T__T)
It's like asking my mum why did she give birth to an awesome child like me? (although I am sure there are lesser reasons for that)
However, honestly if anyone manages to give the reason why in less than a day, their LOVE MUST BE FAAAAAAAKE!!!

The funny part is just a month ago, they were holding a fan art contest for the MEET&GREET.

At first, I was pulling my hair and collecting my creativity juice but as I started to pen down my idea, I had this weird feeling. I mean, I love One Ok Rock and their songs. I am willing to stalk them around the world for their concerts but do I really wanna meet them up face to face?
It's like having a crush on Hitler from the photos but would you REALLY WANT TO MEET THE GUY? O_O

Having my dream come true is fantastic but I feel that some dreams should be left unfulfilled.
It wasn't until I heard my mum told my sister that our fates are never meant to cross those of the famous people.
(I think this could also be an advice for NOT ALL but THOSE crazy Kpop fans who are soooo desperate from the moment they get out of bed to the time they get in bed, their minds; intoxicated with Korean idols)

(BUUUUT if any Korean actors or singers are reading this post, three words for you "TAKE A HIKE!"
Thanks for converting my mum and sister into one of ur groupies (T^T))

Well, anyway my point is (or actually was)
That in my head, I already have an image of One Ok Rock and meeting them, I fear might just change those images that I have built up over these years of worshipping them.

However, today everything- everthing that I stood for came crashing down when One Ok Rock walked into my dreams unannounced. I mean I don't even see my crushes in my dream apart from old haunted ships(baby sitting ghosts), getting married to Fox spirits and buring potato fields.

To think that One Ok Rock dared to break down the portal that even relevant people in my life have failed to knock on, I must admit I was taken by suprise.

And for that, I pledge my loyalty and offer my Fan taxes to ONE OK ROCK for eternity.

Gummy Sonam

Sunday, 8 September 2013

The man and the plastic cup

"Can I haaaaave... Ice caramel... Coffee?"

"With ice cubes or ice blended?"

  "Blended please,"


"Regular please,"

"I meant medium.... Take away please."

"Having here or take away?"

   "Take away. . ."

His weak, barely audible voice. . .

My friendliest smile fails to crack his stoic expression. His bored eyes remain unfazed by the world. 

  A small man. 
It's as if his very soul has plunged out of his dark eyes and jumped straight inside a jar, probably sealed and tucked behind the shelves of the kitchen (wherever it is)
As he presses the button of the blender with his slender fingers,  the blocks of ice cubes spin and spin. In seconds they are crushed relentlessly and blended into million rocks just like his emotions of hatred, regret, sorrow and longing. 

   As he pours the mixture of coffee, caramel and ice, reality starts flowing into the transparent cone container. The brown liquid of broken dreams and unreached destinations swirl and gradually settles inside the plastic cup. 

  And then, all his handicapped dreams are squeezed  and condensed as he presses the lid tightly over the cup. He throws in a green straw, hoping someone might taste the story he wanted to write, a different picture he wanted to paint- another life he wanted to live.  

"For the people who walked away from their dreams."

-Gummy Sonam 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

10 Unreasonable Birthday Wishes of an 18 year old TCKid

Oh  meeeeeer geeeerd!!!
Who doesn't love birthday posts??!!!

Greetings Earthlings and TCKs, reporting from Doha is now the changed and matured by a day, 18 year old Sonam who regardless of her special day is being worked to bones by her elder sister (since she is no longer protected by child protection agencies and child labor laws and is just there in society, a fresh meat for cheap labor.) 

Few months back I was so excited about turning 18 and no longer having to fill in sections of forms that have 'for below 18 years, parents approval'.
  However, for this past week, I have come to a realization, I am now liable for killing people with my awesomeness and might even end up in a real-adult prison. 

So today's post as stated is going to be my birthday wishes... (If adults are reading this, I hope they get the 'hint') 

1)World Peace 
    Thanks for all the 'be nice to your neighbor' talks during kindergarten. Now, if you re done hating, let us make peace. 
   (So TCKs can travel the world without hassle about war-zones, 

2) Website domains 
   Can governments be more considerate towards TCKs who want to start online businesses? No, I don't want to buy my website name from a specific country and abide by their laws when I am ten million miles away from that country!
And plan on 'gypsing' my way out of the current one. 

3) Visa on arrival for TCKs?
    Yes, your country is beautiful and I would love to visit it but the procedure is killing me. Why are you so worried? I like your country but I have no intention of becoming an illegal immigrant over there. Thanks

4) Shipping costs. 
     I am sick and tired of having to pay double for the shipping cost than the actual content of my parcel. Either they lower the price for shipping or I begin my mission on creating a teleportation device >:( 

5) Yakuzas 
    If you are reading this post, just two words, " MARRY ME!" I m now of marriageable age. *flutters eyelashes*

6) One Ok Rock 
     Three words, " MARRY ME NOW!" 
Plus heeeey, it's Ryota's birthday too today. There is something great about being born on the 4th of September. (Beyonce, Ryota, Yuichi Nakamaru and of course Alexander III of Scotland) I can already smell the greatness that I have yet to awaken.

7) Mars 
    Yes, I would love a ticket to Mars without having to go through the selection process and physical tests. 

8) Tuition fees 
   If the world is trying to dumb down its population. I think it's doing a great job. In a world where guns and war machines are cheaper than education, whoever is in charge needs to give a full explanation for why the rise in tuition fees somehow correlates to the increase of dumb and ignorant people. (No hates) Our ancestors have fought over centuries to make education (a privilege for the high class), a neccesity for all classes of our generation yet some greedy prick turns up and decided to sell education for a higher price every semester. 

9) Asian actors for Asian Scripts 
 Hollywood, yes I m looking at you. I am not proud of you with what you did to
Dragon Ball Z but nevertheless, here is one more chance to prove your worth. Do not disappoint me. 

10) A World with one SIM card! 
     I am tired of changing phone numbers everytime I go to another country and getting a new number is such a hassle.  I have to beg to get readded into my group conversations over whatsapp and even after I do,I can no longer see the history of the conversation and how hilarious I was. 

Yep, there you go. 
I do have more on the list but can't be too greedy. I stil have many birthdays to go so I'll take it one step at a time. 

And remind me to wish for "An Asian appreciation day" on my next birthday where all chinkey-eyed Asians are given discounts and day off work 

Happy Legally doing things I have been doing since I was 5 years old. 

-Gummy Sonam 


Friday, 23 August 2013

Launching of TCK Syndrome

"When you have a dream, be prepared to fail," 
A whole day of running around dodgy places, taking public transports and encountering stingy people has now finally let me see a glimpse of my new dream become reality.  
Starting a business is tough. 
Negotiating is even tougher- 
But despite all that, I won't let these little things rain on the parade of my TCK Syndrome's tshirt line. 

Introducing the first debut shirt!

[Yes, my own face that comes in three different colors.]  Only 13 pieces of which I own 2, this shirt is limited edition because this is to celebrate the birth of TCK Syndrome. 
[the second version of the print] 

Within this two days of dealing with 'business', I have definitely learnt a great deal and I have made enough mistakes to learn from it. 
Guess creativity isn't all when it comes to selling. The price, the resources and all come to account. 

At least I m two days wiser 

[Contemplating over ocha and Katsu Don after traveling around KL with my friend the whole day in search of shirt printing stores].

  Keep screwing up and learning, , 
-Gummy Sonam 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

My mission and me

"Don't feel sad about leaving a place behind,
  Feel excited about getting to a place ahead."

The first post always makes the first impression, right? 
But I have never given anyone a strong first impression so I would rather you take time reading my blog than judge me based on the content of my first post. 
(Nice way to promote my blog, right? Hehe)

Why T.C.K Syndrome? 
What's T.C.K? 

T. C.K stands for 'Third Culture Kid' who grew up away from their parents' culture. A Normad/ gypsy is what one is normally called. 

[Yes, take a moment- Wikipedia 'T.C.K' and learn more about our kind]
Being a T.C.K is to constantly fret over the future you can't picture, having difficulties connecting with non t.c.k's but above all, having a knack for traveling and being plain exotic.
To have a home yet not have a home. 

Originally Bhutanese, my developing years was spent going through my rebellious stage in the Middle East.  (Qatar to be exact) 
I grew up among a community made up of more T.C.Ks and less non t.c.ks. 
And at seventeen, I have been allowed to run wild in places without my parents or anyone else to put me on a leash. (Like Malaysia- my current destination)

  There is more to me that just this (i swear i am not lying) but I always find it bothersome to write about me. 

Now to why T.C.K syndrome? 
I want to reach out to other third culture kids who feel like they don't have a home and studies show that although T.C.Ks do better than their non TCKs friends in school, they have the hardest time choosing what they want to do in life. 

I want to create a home within the Internet space and a platform for displaying the unique fusion of cultures TCKs have collected( like pokemons) all around the world.  

This blog is to keep track of my travels, fashion, food, photography, my friends and my philosophical thoughts. ( yes, I have my deep moments) and also to discover other TCKs. 

I also want to show the Bhutanese youth the real world outside of the T.V. 

So spread some love and get infected with the TCK syndrome. 

- Gummy Sonam

Sunday, 11 August 2013

This blog is currently under constuctions- till I am done with my exams, that is :)